Why is Cartouche London trading on Amazon?

Rewind to February 2020. Cartouche was preparing display graphics, presentations booklets and delegate packs for the Scottish and Northern Powerhouse investment conferences. J P Morgan, Legg Mason*, Liontrust and Polar Capital were addressing delegates that included professional investors, pension managers and financial advisers.

These events went ahead unhindered by the events about to unfold. Unfortunately, merchandise dispatched for a conference in Milan arrived 8th March (the day Lombardy was placed into quarantine).

From that moment event managers in financial services acted promptly to fill the void. Arranging investment webinars, video meetings and the shift to on-line accelerated. Even Cartouche participated in the virtual Cornwall Business Fair. Now it appears that the marketplace for physical investment conferences has melted away with little likelihood of return.

So how to leverage expertise accrued from years of synchronising production and logistics? Overcoming all the background issues to provide seamless, efficient and enjoyable experiences for all.

Our "Above and Beyond" approach has often required Cartouche unveiling unusual solutions. Rebranding “The Hedonist Guide to Istanbul” for a conference there. Manufacturing hallmarked silver jewellery for a conference at Hampton Court. Commissioning anniversary cake to depict a "Gold Fund" or sourcing handcrafted chocolates in different flavours to match investment funds. Imagine the deliberation pairing Juniper & Raspberry and Chilli & Cardamom to the appropriate trusts!

These challenges undertaken with an exuberant “can do” belief were always successful. Likewise, the branded cashmere scarves, hand-made leather wallets and bespoke whisky gifts – all from the UK, but not without partners performing miracles to meet client's deadlines.

Inspired by their efforts Cartouche London has introduced a range of gifts of our own. Transforming corporate rewards into collectible life-long gifts for individuals. These are for customers who value hand-crafted "Made in Britain" over mass produced imports. Of course, corporate clients are welcome to order multiple units with their own branding.

The gifts are available on Amazon UK at Amazon.co.uk: Cartouche London and we seek your feedback, reviews, "buyer questions" and orders please! You might know someone planning a wedding, a christening or an anniversary bereft of gift ideas. If so, suggest they key in “Cartouche London” into the Amazon search bar. Thank You!

* Legg Mason subsequently merged with Franklin Templeton


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