Conference Services UK for Event Marketing Teams

Managing investor roadshows and participating at sponsored conferences requires meticulous planning.

Early preparations include organising the brand messaging, delegate lists, presentation literature, display design and dimensions* plus sustainable, ethically sourced, quality SWAG. *Venue heights need the particular attention of diligent conference services UK.

Often literature and gifts are presented to delegates as packs and require pre-sorting, fulfilment and batch packaging. Add to this logistics, setting up and de-rigging and transportation to the next event. These are all areas where well-drilled plans can unravel without the necessary attention to detail.

For several years Cartouche has supported pioneering event marketing managers. Assisting organisations engage with their audience through compelling exhibition displays and staging hybrid conferences involving audio visual, videography, mixing and streaming. We also focus on the minutiae to ensure successful conference services UK.

Conference Display

Conference Services UK Pop-up display
Hybrid Conference

Staging Hybrid Investment Conference Services UK
Site Assembly and De-rigging

Site Assembly and De-rigging

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