You're Fired!

"Call yourself a salesman, these figures are dismal!" Snarled Lord Sugar "You're fired."

I wake in a cold sweat and stir myself to the comforting tones of the morning presenter "Here's question one of the day" ...”If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven't got me. What am I?”

Lockdown is challenging. Household chores, childcare, forays to the supermarket, exercise and WFH. Well I say working from home! The trickle of print jobs has all but dried up. No surprise there, once the invoices were emailed I could have folded the laptop away.

Instead with colleagues we designed a protective mask from general printing materials. That way we could un-furlough staff, re-start idle machines and offer grateful home workers the chance to earn some cash.

Failure of the first prototype led to changes. With the template mastered I needed to check the viability of producing up to 50,000 units.

Confident of a marketable product and a receptive market, or so I thought! I set about my task with gusto, using LI to help contact key decision makers at the major retailers. To be fair the chaps at Asda and Waitrose did reply, they had things sorted. Theirs was the only feedback.

Undaunted I targeted Garden Centres expecting them to be more appreciative since it was obvious they would be among the first to re-open. My approaches to the top 25 groups fell on fallow ground.

What next then? Social media! - I tweeted @cartouchelondon for the first time in years and updated the Cartouche LI pages. 

Now a blog page. I guess this will have to be kept updated.

BTW the answer was "a secret".


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